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Cara Cates


Pre/Post Natal

Certified Biofeedback


My world changed forever in 1999. 

I was 12 years old, trying out for softball, pivoted, and the top part of my leg went one way, and the bottom part went the other. 


I heard a loud POP and immediately went down. 


The result was a torn ACL, meniscus and a broken knee cap. 


That injury took me out of four sports, and prevented me from running, jumping, kneeling, squatting, lunging, hiking, stair climbing and every other exciting activity you can think of. 


While I resented the injury most of my life, I realized that it made me who I am today and essentially changed the path of my life, forever. 


I'm Cara Cates and I'm an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance  Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist.  I lived with debilitating knee pain for almost 15 years before I FINALLY figured out a way to heal. 

In 2007, I found a modality called "Corrective Exercise" and it literally changed my life.  Unlike regular personal training, corrective exercise is CUSTOMIZED based off of every person's unique, individual needs. 


What I wasn't getting out of regular treatments, was a global approach to a symptomatic issue.  My knee hurt, but WHY. 


I ALWAYS needed to know WHY. 

-WHY are you doing this adjustment?

-WHY do you have me doing THIS exercise?
-WHY am I stretching this muscle?

-WHY do I feel WORSE afterwards?

I never seemed to get the answers I wanted. Corrective Exercise was that answer.  

Corrective Exercise is non invasive, natural and works FASTER than other modalities.  The BEST thing about it is, it's made specifically for


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