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Soft Tissue Release




Assisted Stretching

Pressure Point Massage


VIBRATION THERAPY: We use the most popular and effective hand held vibration tool in the professional sports world, the Deep Muscle Stimulator.  The DMS has been proven to increase flexibility by 60% in just one treatment, shut down pain receptors, increase circulation and blood flow and speed up recovery time.  Professional and collegiate sports teams rely on the DMS to keep their athletes safe from injury and help them recover from their workouts faster.  You'll leave the session feeling like a weights been lifted, and you'll feel ten years younger!

CUPPING: Cupping is an ancient technique used to increase lympthatic flow, increase chi, relieve inflammation and pain, and increase flexibility. It's also known to help with varicose veins, digestion, migraines. You'll leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a couple of marks to show you care for your body. 

PROFESSIONAL STRETCHING: Stretching after vibration therapy or deep tissue work is more effective than stretching on it's own.  Increasing flexibility allows us to restore the posture to it's natural state, once the knots have been removed. Enjoy the benefits of lying on the table and having one of our technicians do the work for you. 

INFRARED SAUNA: Infrared Sauna is great for aiding the body in detoxing from toxins like heavy metals, pollution, radiation, and other toxins we are exposed to over the coarse of our lives.  Infrared heat can help with circulation, high blood pressure, liver issues, detoxing, muscle pain, muscle recovery and more!

RED LIGHT THERAPY:  Red light therapy has been used for over a century as a form of safe and natural healing. Currently, there’s evidence to suggest that RLT may have the following benefits: Promotes wound healing, relieves muscle and joint pain, reduces the appearance of scarring, cellulite and stretch marks, can help to reduce effects of cancer treatments, diminishes wrinkles, impoves the health of bones and joints and relieves inflammation. 

PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE:  Massage can aid in inreasing range of motion and flexibility when practiced on a regular basis.  You can take advantage of a 60 or 90 minute massage with emphasis on: Gertiatric, pre-natal, deep tissue, sports massage, SI Joint massage, hip flexor work, and hot stone upon request. 


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