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Core Exercise

Natural Pain Management For 
Active Adults

Have you ever gone to the gym with intentions to move your body only to discover, moving your body causes MORE pain?

Have you ever tried to take a group fitness class only to end up with extreme back or knee pain afterwards?


At Taking Cara Women, we believe your workouts should HEAL your body, not make it worse. 


Our Personal Training Programs are customized to your body and it's specific needs, and who designs it? You do!  Check it out . . . . 

Phase One

Beautiful Women


We understand that every BODY is different.  Your pain isn't like your best friend's pain.


Your body tells a story 

and every muscle that's tight will indicate EXACTLY what you need. The first step is about the practitioner getting to know your body so we can create the right plan for you!

We use an 18 point goniometric check point for all of our evaluations which tells us which muscles are too tight and which muscles are weak. 

Phase Two


Customized Programs: 

After we've evaluated you and get to know your body a little bit, we can customize an in-home mobility program just for you.

Programs are comprised of foam rolling, stretches and strengthening exercises.  


These are all created to meet you WHERE you are with your injury and can be modified or advanced as we see fit. 

Leg Stretch

Phase Three


Hands On Sessions:

There's a wide variety of modalities we can use to eliminate pain and help you progress but every body is different. 


Our goal with hands on sessions is to increase range of motion, shut down pain receptors, increase circulation and activate weak muscles.


Click here to see all the different modalities we offer!


Phase Three

Workout Programs:

At Taking Cara Women, we understand that you shouldn't have to GIVE UP what you love! 


We create customized workout routines so you can still get to the gym and keep your sanity ALL while healing your body and moving you forward in the right direction.


Through the use of the Trainerize App, you can log in from anywhere in the world and see your exercises! 

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