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Every client can now benefit from the full 30+ page report, which includes over 800 nutritional and environmental markers.

Epigenetic reports consists of 30+ page's highlighting potential functional impacts caused by Environmental Toxins, Electro Magnetic Impacts, Nutritional Diet, Life Style and Underlying Food Stressors. Each report also provides a 90 day nutritional food plan and further advice on optimizing your wellbeing. Cell Wellbeing is compliant with FDA ruleings.

Cell Wellbeing Ltd is a working collaboration of business, science and industry professionals in order to provide personalized nutritional epigenetic mapping reports as well as personalized optimisation strategies.

Harnessing the latest advances in digital age technologies we provide practitioners with a tool for every client to benefit from using a personalized nutritional epigenetic report. The information is based on four hair strands and their roots. Each report contains a wide range of nutritional information including: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Anti Oxidants and potential environmental impact information.

Our Nutritional Epigenetic mapping technology and servers are based in Hamburg, Germany where we use certified and CE approved systems and resonance technologies, which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Please note: we do not receive any client’s names, addresses or other personal information. Only unique codes are received by Germany, which are unrecognisable to anyone other than the operators computer which digitised the clients hair bulb information.

We have CE, ETL, FCC and CQC approvals for our technology and the S-Drive Peripheral, which provides the access points to our servers and Epigenetic optimization reports. We are also represented in Australia, Albania, Argentina, America, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic , Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Kosovo, India, Indonesia, UK, USA, Mexico, Nederland’s, Philippines, Portugal, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland and Thailand, along with a growing number of new distributors that also cater for sales, support and training.

Our S-Drive technology has specific report information associated with various industries including : Wellness, Retail Nutrition, Professional Sports Clubs, Fitness Centres, Beauty & Spa resorts, Fresh Juicing Bars , and more recently the Equine market.



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Learn more about what the Cell Well Being Hair Analysis can do for you and your health!


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Epigenetic Nutritional and Wellbeing Reports


This popular, natural epigenetics test is an in studio, immediate results hair follicle test that can measure 800 nutritional and environmental markers.  The part of your session will be the hair follicle scan and we'll go over your current stressors and primary health concerns.  Once the report comes back 15 minutes later, we'll spend 45 minutes with you going over your results, creating a 30 day plan of action and make nutritional and supplement recommendations.  You'll leave with a 30 page color report with ALL of your results as well as a plan moving forward!

COST: $250

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