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Hey Sister.

First of are not alone. 

Years ago, I was just like you. 

Sick, tired and DESPERATE for answers.


I was tired of taking 40+ vitamins a day just to treat the symptom on the surface.


Despite how sick I was, I REFUSED to see a traditional Dr. and be put on Rx medications.

I know how it feels to desperately want to move forward in life

                                    . . . only to feel like you're being sucked down.


I know how it feels to lay in bed from pure exhaustion, thinking of all these things you need and want to get done only to know that you'll NEVER be able to do them if you don't get better.


I know how DEBILITATING pain, migraines, and muscle aches takes a toll on your spirit. 


It's exhausting. 


The hours of therapies, chiropractic visits, blood work, massages all to no avail.


I know what it's like to have a period every 10 days for YEARS accompanied by cramps that feel like you're in labor with a pounding headache all at the same time.


There were times where I'd have to call into work for 3 days in row because of a headache that would hit right before my cycle. 


And the worst thing of all????? 


Everyone kept saying it was all in my head!


I finally saw a holistic chiropractor that diagnosed me with SEVERE ADRENAL BURNOUT.  That was just the beginning so I studied and studied until I found the truth. When I say I've tried it all, I mean it!!! I've literally put coffee up my butt!!!!  No joke!!!!  I did acupuncture, massages, cranial sacral therapies, chircopractic care, hormone therapy (barely), you name it! I've tried it.


And all the while, I remember thinking


"When I figure this out, I'm going to share it with the world. " 


So! Here I am!!!!


Spreading truth and love and light in the best way I know how.


Do you find yourself in the same boat? Are you struggling with any of the following?

Muscle aches

Chronic Fatigue


Joint pain






Mid morning/afternoon crash

Hair loss (yes, this is an adrenal issue)

Hormone imbalance

Brain fog

Memory loss


Lack of sex drive (BIG TIME adrenal issue)

Loss of self   <------this means you have NO freaking clue who you are anymore

Chronic Pain

Weight Gain

Sadly I COULD keep going on and on!

If these symptoms sound familiar to you and you're tired of not getting answers,

I have EXACTLY what you've been looking for.

If you know me or you've been following me for a while you already know my story.

After 17 years in the personal training industry, I found my niche in corrective exercise. 

This meant, I took a client suffering with plantar fasciitis (or other joint/muscle pain)  explained to them HOW it developed and I prescribed an exercise

routine to fix it safely. 

I ran a VERY successful business for 10 years focusing on JUST the origin of the pain and NOT by treating the symptom.

A diagnosis helps us feel like there's an answer to why we're suffering, but then what?

In my honest opinion, a diagnosis means NOTHING

to me without understanding WHY!

I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING!  Don't just tell me I have a disease and give me supplements to mask the symptom. I want to heal it FOR GOOD!


After my panic attacks started taking over my life, I decided to up my game a little and seek out a more serious modality for healing

That's when I found Quantum Biofeedback, in April of 2012.  It quite literally saved my life. It was the ONLY thing that knocked down my anxiety almost immediately.  It eliminate 80% of my stress so that I could think clearly, focus, and not be dependent on my then husband (who was 90% of my health problem).  This is when I coined the term "loss of self." It wasn't until I FELT like myself again that I realized that I'd been SO FAR GONE! I didn't even recognize who I had become!

In 2015, five months pregnant, my soul had this strong PULL to get out of the training industry.  I felt like I wasn't doing ENOUGH for my patients.  I wasn't HEALING

them the way they TRULY needed to be healed. 


I took a leap of faith and invested  into my own professional Quantum Biofeedback System.

I became a certified biofeedback tech and I've been healing people mind, body and soul ever since.  Never ONCE have I looked back. 

Adrenal Fatigue Intensive Healing Course

Module 1: Healing Adrenal Fatigue
Module 2: Stress and Adrenal Burnout

 Module 3: Why You Can't Lose Weight
Module 4: Emotional Healing for Adrenals
Module 5: Neurological Fatigue vs. Adrenal Fatigue 
Module 6: Chronic Fatigue & Adrenal Correlation

Module 7: A Safe Healing Environment
Module 8: Workouts During Healing
Module 9: Chronic Pain & Adrenal Fatigue
Module 10: ADD & Adrenal Fatigue
 Module 11: Healing Protocol & Calendar

Module 12: Moving Forward, Questions & Plan Of Action

Intensive Program ALSO Includes:

  • A healing tribe of women just like you to uplift and inspire you on your healing journey

  • Access to an exclusive private facebook group

  • Live videos posted weekly that will be saved for viewing at a later date

  • Access to my healing library of cheat sheets, detox protocols, healing videos and more!

  • Weekly Q & A that will be recorded for reference 

  • Emotional freedom techniques or "tapping" schedule

  • Journaling prompts and stress reducing exercises

  • Accountability and support exactly where and when you need it

Early Bird


Now Enrolling: Early Bird Special!!! 


$407 x 2

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