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Core Exercise

Natural Pain Management For 

Active Adults


Are you an active adult with a sedentary job??

Do you have regular aches and pains that interfere with your workout? 

Have you ever thought to yourself "I must just be getting old" ? 

I'm Cara, and as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have anything to do with your age, and it has everything to do with your environment. The more time we spend at a desk, in a chair, in the car, etc, the more our muscles adapt to our environment.  

Pretty soon, we start hunching over, our head starts dropping, our shoulders roll in and before we know it, we have back pain. 

I work with people in all types of professions but 90% of the people I see have the SAME imbalances!  Here are some of the most common complaints I get:

-Lower Back Pain

-Shoulder Pain

-Neck Tension

-Knee Pain


-Plantar Fasciitis


I'm extremely passionate about what I do, and the BEST thing about my job is that I can correct 20 years of movement inefficiency in about 6-8 weeks!  Isn't that amazing?  Just by following what YOUR BODY recommends for you, you can restore range of motion, strength and movement JUST with proper exercise!!!! Here's how it works:

Phase One: Movement Efficiency Testing

Phase One is all about the practitioner getting to know your body.  Your body tells a story 

and every muslce that's tight will indicate EXACTLY what you need. 

This is why we use the Fusionetics Human Performance System for all of our evaluations. 

Fusionetics is currently being used by over 100 professional and collegiate sports teams to both identify and prevent injury in their athletes.   They've been able to save MILLIONS by analyzing their player's "risk for injury." 

We can do the same for you.  Check out the state of the art Human Performance System in the video below!

You'll get a report much like this one, only SPECIFIC to your body's risk for injury. 


Phase Two: Education & Accountability

What's a foam roller and who actually knows how to use one?? 

Don't they just sit in the corner of our living room collecting dust???  I can't tell you how many times I've heard that! Lol

Foam rolling is the FIRST and in my opinion, most CRUCIAL part to healing muscle and joint pain.  However, most people don't know how to use it effectively and for what purpose.  

After we've evaluated you and get to know your body a little bit, we can customize an in-home mobility program just for you. 

Download the Fusionetics App, schedule your eval, and you'll leave with a state of the art, SUPER customized program to get you out of pain and back to working out again.  Click on the "Complete Workout" button so your trainer knows you've done it.


Phase Three: Natural Pain Reduction

In my mind, natural pain reduction means you can alleviate pain without drugs, surgery or anything synthetic (i.e. shots, injections, chemicals). 

In one 30 minute session, we can naturally eliminate pain to any localized area.  The deep muscle stimulator can increase flexibility by 60% in 30 minutes and immediately shuts down pain. 

You'll notice more circulation, less pain, more mobility, and an increase in strength after following a 6 week program. 

Phase 4: Customized Personal Training



I can't tell you how many times people come to me saying they hurt themselves working with their trainer.  I have news for you!  If your back hurts WORSE after your workout, chances are, you're doing something wrong. 

When we have specific details on what your body needs, we can train you accordingly.  

Are you ready to get out of PAIN?!

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