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The Roadmap Home:
Reclaim Your Life After Burnout

The Roadmap Home: 
Reclaiming your life after burnout


Four Day Women's Retreat

Heal your body from exhaustion, hair loss, weight gain and more!


Sept 22 - Sept 25

Heber, Arizona


Intimate, 10 Women Container 

Allow yourself to feel supported and nurtured the way you take care of everyone else. 

It’s finally here! So many women have asked and we’ve created something


The Roadmap Home: Reclaiming Your Life After Burnout.

A 4 Day Women’s Retreat……

No one listened when we said that we were sick. Yet, we were silently suffering from a long list of debilitating symptoms that no one could explain.


We were plagued with symptoms such as:

Crippling fatigue

Severe hair loss

Unexplained weight gain and loss

Digestive issues

Irregular cycles


Zero sex drive

Panic attacks and anxiety


Food instability and rage

Shortness of breath

Heart palpitations

Insomnia and sleep disturbances

Tingling hands and feet

And too many more to name........

Along with these symptoms came:

-Turmoil in our partnerships

-Mom guilt

-Plummeted self esteem

-Decreased work performance

-Withdrawing from friendships and family

More and more women are finding themselves struggling with this exact same story. They are desperately seeking answers with no avail, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on specialists, protocols, and supplement remedies only to find themselves perpetually hitting a wall.

After years of not getting answers and being told it was all in our heads, we finally found the solution for BURNOUT, and were able to reclaim our health, happiness, and wellbeing.

Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue are absolutely real, and are a culmination of emotional, spiritual, and physical exhaustion.

Healing the body is not about doing more, or adding more into our daily lives, but rather taking things out, doing less. It's about understanding about how stress and trauma impact our nervous system, and how to reverse the long term effects of stress.

This 4 Day retreat was specifically designed for women who:

Have tried everything

Aren't getting any answers

Needs real, hands on support

Desires a deepened understanding of their body

wants to feel like herself again

..OR the woman who is looking to find herself once and for all!


How to validate the stress and trauma you've experienced in your life

Practices and techniques to regulate your nervous system

Curate your own "stress less" lifestyle map

Nutrition and supplementation to support you on your journey

Techniques to stop anxiety and panic attacks

Stress hormones and the role they play in your overall health

Confidence in setting and maintaining boundaries

How to find and use your voice

and much, much more!

Included in the retreat will be all inclusive meals, a dinner out, adrenal support supplements, cortisol test kit, 30 page Roadmap Home workbook, guided meditation and breathwork classes, BrainTap sessions, a special gift bag, facebook support group and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Meet Your Facilitators

Lindsay Gilman

Lindsay Gilman is a calibration coach and consultant, a trauma therapist, and a holistic health practitioner. She believes that the majority of illness and disease stems from dysregulated nervous systems, and uses a body-focused approach toward healing. Her passion is to help women connect back with their bodies, and to turn their entire life into their medicine.


Cara Lever

Cara Lever is a quantum biofeedback technician, holistic healer, and the owner of Taking Cara Women. She believes that reclaiming health requires a multi-dimensional approach that must include emotional, spiritual and physical healing. She uses frequencies, mindset, nutrition and supplementation to support the body in all of these aspects. Her goal is to help women reclaim their health, rebuild relationships with themselves and others, and empower women with the tools they need to heal themselves.


Feel safe and held in a space of healing while we teach you how to recover from burnout!


So many women we see are dealing with chronic exhaustion, weight gain, hair loss, no sex drive and so many other unexplained symptoms.  Doctors just aren't getting to the root cause of it.  


There's not much support for us women/mothers to get the kind of help we need!  This is why we built this retreat specifically for women like you!  


We've both gone through our own healing crisis and got frustrated with the lack of care we were able to receive.  In this 4 day retreat, you'll have all the tools necessary to move forward with your own healing and you'll start to pull yourself out of the depths of exhaustion you've been suffering through. 


Thursday: Welcome
-Check in
-Meet & Greet
-Room Assignments
-Guided Meditation & Grounding Techniques

-Intro to the weekend
-Stress & the nervous system
-Emotional stress timeline
-Adrenal fatigue recognition and healing
-Workbook breakaway
-Emotional trauma timeline discussion
-Review cortisol and adrenaline
-Lesson breakaway (2 small groups) Physical impacts of cortisol and treating imbalances
-Healing tools for nervous system regulation
-Free time
-Discussion: Identifying the patterns of stress and where they reside in our body
-Free Time
-Guided meditation for releasing trapped emotions

-Breathwork to prepare nervous system for emotional work
-Doing "THE WORK" and unraveling our belief systems
-Retraining our disregulated nervous systems
-Small group breakaway/lesson
-Free Time
-Lesson: Tools to heal from adrenal fatigue
-Nutrition, supplementation, mind fullness for healing
-Coping with anxiety
-Guided meditation to release stress from the body
-1:1 Time with hosts



-Optional hike/walk

-Continued support for real life


Queen Bed
In Shared Room
Total Investment

*Payment options available

Day Bed In
Shared Room

Total Investment
*Payment options available


Bunk Space
Shared Room

Total Investment
*Payment options available

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