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One Quick Way to Feel 10 Years Younger!

Today I received an email from a client of mine thanking me for the helpful information about foam rolling. To me, it comes so easy, but for others, you don't know what you don't know. That email is what inspired this newsletter. I want to make sure that you ALL know what I know about reducing chronic pain and anxiety. This simple little tip can LITERALLY make you feel 10 years YOUNGER! If you're like 80% of the population, you suffer from some sort of stress. Whether it's work stress, financial stress, physical stress or you just stress out about being stressed, we all suffer from it. It's no secret that stress leads to 90% of illness and disease (maybe it IS a secret, but hey, now you know) and it truly is a silent killer. One thing you may NOT know however, is that when your body senses stress, it creates what we a call a "Stress Response." This response stimulates the body to release a series of hormones to produce the "Fight or Flight" response or activate the sympathetic nervous system. I won't go into too much science, but here's the deal. . . . When your body is under constant stress, these hormones wreak havoc on your body. One of the minerals used to deal with chronic stress is MAGNESIUM. Magnesium is responsible for

  • Maintaining normal nerve and muscle function

  • Supporting your immune system

  • Regulating a steady heart beat

  • Keeping bones strong

  • Regulating blood sugar levels

  • Helping the body use protein for energy

Along with these 6 important jobs, magnesium is also responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. When we are under chronic stress, our body becomes depleted in Magnesium. Here are some of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

  • Muscle Spasms and Cramps

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

  • Calcification of the Arteries. Though this is not (hopefully) the first symptom of magnesium deficiency, it can be one of the most dangerous

  • Hormone Problems

  • Pregnancy Complaints

  • Sleep Problems

  • Low Energy

  • Headaches

  • Heart Palpitations

These are just a FEW of the symptoms related to magnesium deficiency, but the list goes on. So, how can adding magnesium into your supplement regimen make you feel 10 years younger??? If you're not sleeping, your body is not regenerating itself. If you are an athlete, and you train on a regular basis, your body uses magnesium to filter out the toxins accumulated during your workout. If you suffer from tight muscles, muscle cramps or joint pain, adding magnesium in can help you eliminate some of the pain and stiffness! When I got on the right magnesium, I noticed a difference within the first 5 days. I LITERALLY felt as if 10 years had been taken off my muscles and joints. Not to mention, I sleep WAY better!!!! If you have two or more of these symptoms, you really ought to look into a good magnesium supplement. The one that serves my body the best is in this link below. You can click directly on it, or you can go to the "Shop" page on this website I hope this helps!!! PLEASE let me know if you have ANY questions! In good health, Cara

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