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5 Ways To Naturally Help Anxiety

I never understood anxiety attacks until I started having them daily at the age of 26. I never discredited them, I just never fully understood. Anxiety is your body’s fight or flight response dealing with a certain trigger. This usually occurs after you’ve dealt with long term stress, trauma, or live in a repetitive shit storm 💩 ⛈ I only know ‘cause I’ve lived it. When our adrenals fatigue from dealing with chronic stress, and we’re in a constant state or survival (thanks sympathetic nervous system) our Parasympathetic Nervous System can’t kick in to keep us calm, help us heal, or slow us down. I call this sympathetic dominance. It’s a viscous cycle, but it can be healed and broken. If you suffer from anxiety attacks now, here are my top tips on dealing with it. 🔥 Remove yourself from anything that might be a trigger and YES this can be your spouse. Try to put some distance between you and what’s causing the anxiety. 🔥 Deep belly breathing. Find a quiet space (I’ve totally done this on my toilet ) close your eyes, breathe in through your nose, hold it for 1-4 seconds, and breathe out through your mouth. Put your hands on your diaphragm so you can ensure you’re breathing with your belly and not your secondary breathing muscles in your chest. Repeat this as long as you can. This stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system and will help to calm you down. 🔥 There’s an acupuncture point on the top of your hand, just in between your 4th and 5th metacarpal (finger bones). Tap just below the knuckle until the anxiety subsided 🔥 Change your mindset. It’s VERY easy to go into the horrible things that could happen to you while having a panic/anxiety attack. Mine always seems to happen at my cabin in the middle of nowhere 😂😂. Shift your mindset to something positive. To a time that brought you true JOY. Visualize a place you love or a place you want to visit. 🔥 Pharma-GABA is my best friend during an anxiety attack. It’s an amino acid that we become deficient in when we deal with chronic stress. You can get it at most health food stores and it’s WAY safer than any Rx drug. It immediately knocks down the anxiety and calms you down without making you feel out of sorts. It’s a GREAT supplement to keep on hand, especially if you have kids and need to function. If you DO suffer from anxiety, please know that it’s NOT in your head and that there’s a lot of natural healing you can do for yourself. Biofeedback is why saved me when I was dealing with daily anxiety attacks, which is why I got certified as a abiofeedback technician. If you need help with it, reach out! You can read more on the “biofeedback” page.  

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