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The three WORST exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is the WORST PAIN EVER! I have clients that have literally had it for 10+ years 😮 😮 😮 If you know someone struggling with it, share this with them! One of the biggest problems I find in the industry is that professionals don’t actually understand where it comes from, therefore, they can not give proper advice to make it go away. I’ve successfully gotten rid of about 40+ cases of plantar fasciitis in my 10 years as a corrective exercise specialist. Frankly, it’s extremely easy to get rid of once you understand the cause. Here are the TOP 3 Exercises to avoid if you suffer from plantar fasciitis: 🔥 Calf Raises: I don’t know which medical professional thought it was a good idea to have their patients do calf raises, but it is the WORST exercise you can do when you have plantar fasciiitis. Strengthening the calf shortens the soleus muscle which pulls on the heel, causing more tightness and more inflammation in the plantar fascia. 🔥 Jumping/Jump rope: Honestly, this goes for anything where you’re bouncing on the balls of your feet. This could be kickboxing, boxing, dancing, etc. Again, when you’re on the balls of your feet, the calf will shorten, making the PF worse. 🔥 Walking on an incline: While this might seem like a great way to get cardio in, incline walking really aggravates plantar fasciitis. Try a spinning class where you can keep your feet flat, instead. Sadly, I come across so many people that have been misinformed and they literally jump through hoops to try and manage the pain. Boots, splints, frozen water bottles, you name it! If you’ve been dealing with plantar for a while, and you finally want to get to the bottom of it, use the book now button on our Facebook page to schedule a free consultation. You’ll feel better after just 20 minutes with us and it will restore hope that it CAN go away and you can return to doing the things you love. Help healing!  

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