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Are your shoes HELPING you or HURTING you?

I saw these shoes at Kohl’s last night when I went to spend my $45 in Kohl’s cash.... at 8:00pm.....on a Sunday 😂😂😂. They caught my attention NOT because of the flashy colors and the SALE cart they were sitting in, but because of the HEEL DROP! Has anyone ever taught you about a “HEEL DROP?” I bet not...... Let me enlighten you 🤔 The heel drop is known as the angle from where the heel hits the sole down to where the toe hits the sole. It’s measure in mm or degrees. This show appears to have a 12degree heel drop which means the heel is 12 degrees higher than the toe. What’s the problem with that, you ask? Have you ever seen someone walk in high heels? 👠You may notice it activates the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) and puts all the weight into the ball of the foot. Even though this isn’t a high heel shoe, the weight of the foot still sits in the all of the foot, activating the calf muscle and causing it to shorten. Wearing heels like this on a regular basis can contribute to: 😮 Calf cramping or Charlie Horses 😮 Plantar Fasciitis 😮 Achilles Tendonitis 😮 Tight Hamstrings 😮 Lower Back Pain 😮 Knee Pain And so many other joint/muscle pains. If you’ve struggled with any of these in the past, you may have been advised by the running store OR your doctor, to wear a shoe like this. They’re great for temporary relief and they might even make your plantar fasciitis feel a little bit better! 🙏 However, it’s actually contributing to the problem in the long run! 😢 If you wear these kind of shoes on a regular basis, you may notice a lot of pain or stiffness when you take them off, try to walk barefoot or in flip flops. I cannot tell you the amount of people I see with a 10-12 degree heel drop that have NEVER been explained the risk of wearing a shoe like this. If you have super loose muscles, don’t struggle with any of the aforementioned issues, then wear away! But if you DO, look into a shorter drop shoe. Let me know if you need help searching, and if you need a calf massaging, plantar relieving, Deep Muscle working, session with us, use the book now button to finally get some relief! 👏 👏 👏 Happy Healing! 

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