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Emotional Trauma & Illness

There is a direct correlation between emotional trauma and physical illness and if you haven’t connected the two yet, take some time to read this article. If you’re a chronic pain sufferer like I was, you’re probably looking for physical answers but keep hearing the same thing..... “You’re fine, bloodwork came back normal.” So are we looking in the wrong places? Emotional stress, especially long term, chronic emotional stress, can wreak havoc on your body, mind and soul. The toxic environment of a bad relationship, and abusive work environment, even dealing with elderly or disabled parents can all send your body into a chronic illness response. Out fight or flight system is designed to keep us alive under ANY circumstances, which is amazing in itself and something to be THANKFUL for, BUT, that doesn’t mean it won’t take a toll on our health. Emotional trauma can cause thinks like 🌱 Brain Fog 🌱 Memory Loss 🌱 Chronic Fatigue 🌱 Numbness & Tingling 🌱 Chronic Pain And no amount of blood work will show you emotional stress 😔 This is why I find biofeedback to be such a useful tool. It can pinpoint where your body needs the most help. Whether it’s emotional, physical or spiritual, biofeedback will find it. Sometimes the stress might be something acute, what you’re dealing with on the surface. Sometimes it’s chronic, meaning it’s been stuck in your body for years! Either way, biofeedback is a great tool to help you clear and process emotional trauma. 

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