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Top 5 Tips For New Years Fitness Resolutions!

If you have a FITNESS goal in the New Year, you’ll want to read this! Here are my TOP FIVE TIPS for starting off the New Year right! 🔥 Plan on joining a gym? Do it before January 1st. Gyms have sales people. Sales people have quotas. End of month sales happen EVERY month. Gyms will usually try to charge an enrollment fee, processing fee or “card fee” and first and last month. If you go to check out the gym now, you’ll be on their guest list. Wait until they either call you to follow up, or go in the last 2 or 3 days of the month and ask them to waive all the upfront fees. Tell them you just want to pay first and last. They’re in it for the monthly EFT so normally they’ll work something out for you. LA Fitness is going to charge you an annual $49 maintenance fee a month after you join anyway, so don’t pay more than first and last 👍If you wait until January though, you’re guaranteed to pay full price 😢 🔥 If you’re considering hiring a trainer to help you with your goals, hire them NOW! Two reasons for this. 1. They usually will have some Christmas sale or promotion ans you can get locked in at a lower rate and 2. A Good trainers schedule will fill up FAST! Good trainers are hard to find so if you’ve been recommended someone by a friend, you’ll want to get on their schedule ASAP! 🔥 When setting a fitness goal for the New Year, take some time to connect to your body and sit in your feelings. Ask yourself, does it feel attainable? Is my reason for setting this goal strong enough? What is most likely to derail me? Another important thing when setting goals is to set one or two goals at a time. Don’t try to say “I’m giving up GLUTEN, DAIRY, CAFFEINE, SODA” all at once. Start with one or two goals at a time and set yourself up for success! 🔥 Hydration is extremely important when starting an exercise regimen. If you’re a caffeine junkie like I used to be, it’s even more important. Caffeine dehydrates your muscles and will cause more tightness and soreness when you start working out. I always recommend 100 fl oz per day and more if you sweat a lot. Most of us are living in a state of chronic dehydration, but don’t reach for sugary sports drinks to increase electrolytes! One of my favorite natural hydration techniques is cucumber 🥒 and apple 🍏 freshly juiced. It’s AMAZING for balancing electrolytes, restoring hydration and it’s EXTREMELY refreshing! If you don’t own a juicer, coconut water is a simple and convenient way to re hydrate. 🔥 In just a 15 year time span, close to 1 Million people were treated in emergency rooms for gym related injuries. Injuries happen for a few reasons. 1. People are unfamiliar with proper lifting techniques and can leave themselves prone to injury when not lifting in a safe way for their body 2. People don’t understand the importance of a proper warm up routine 3. A majority of the population is dealing with unseen muscle imbalances and when not training properly, can make these imbalances worse, leading to injury like sprains, strains and bulging discs. If you’re in more pain when you’re done working out, you’re doing it wrong. Find someone who can evaluate your biomechanics and set you up on the proper program. If you have a fitness goal for the New Year, Congratulations  and good luck! There are plenty of AMAZING fitness professionals in the industry that are ready and willing to help you achieve your goals. If you’d like to set up a free consultation with us, you can use the “book now” button  in our service page. 

Cara Cates


Quantum Biofeedback Specialist 


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