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What is the "Liver Bootcamp"?

What's in the FREE 5 DAY LIVER BOOTCAMP, you ask?

What's NOT in it????

This 5 Day Liver Bootcamp is an INTENSIVE 5 Days of information OVERLOAD!!!

We'll be covering:

-The importance of your liver in chronic health conditions

-How the liver prevents you from losing weight

-Why the liver causes weight gain

-Emotions, and environmental factors that contribute to a sluggish liver

-Tricks on how to heal your liver naturally

-Food and supplement recommendations

-What to look for if you suspect you have a sluggish liver

-How biofeedback can help speed up the healing process

-How EMOTIONS manifest physically in the liver

-WHICH emotions get trapped in the liver

-How to release emotions to ease the stress off the liver

You'll learn information that will BLOW your mind and hopefully you'll understand the important role your liver plays when it comes to trying to heal from mystery illnesses.

There is NO cost to enroll in this course, it is simply educational!

Click on the link below to join us!!!!

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