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Hormone Disruptors in Makeup

You may have seen in the last few days that a Claire’s makeup palette was found to have asbestos in it!!!!! This is why I am SO passionate about what I do. How many years are we going to continue to buy beauty products and not know WHAT'S IN IT?!?! Even more importantly, preteens and teens have endocrine systems that are busy developing. This is NOT the time to ignore impurities!!! So many young women are being diagnosed with auto immune conditions, hormone imbalances and having HORRIBLE pms symptoms that would bring a GROWN woman to her knees. This is a FANTASTIC opportunity to get cleaner, safer cosmetics into the hands of our most vulnerable loved ones - our preteens and teens. Read this article and check out the website below for safer, cleaner products <3 With love, Xoxo Asbestos found in Teen makeup

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