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Mercury Poisoning

Did you know that back in the late 1800’s, when people were sick, they were given Mercury Elixirs? It was thought that Mercury helped to cure disease, however, taking it was quite the process. Whoever was sick, would have to arrange for a separate place to live up to a week after they drank it because of the nasty side effects it had. Things like mood swings, loud outbursts, talking crazy, delusions, yelling, screaming, tantrums, and sometimes even seizures. It was also known among hat makers to shorten their life span dramatically. They called it “mad hatter’s disease” which was actually mercury poisoning. It was not uncommon for a hat maker to have a life span of 30-40 years old due to the high toxic levels of mercury they cane in contact with while making the hats. Not to mention, the felt inside the hat lining contained mercury and TONS of people were getting sick from it? Today, mercury is more present in things like vaccinations, dental fillings and fish like Tuna & swordfish. However! Just because you don’t use or eat these mentioned above, doesn’t mean you’re free from danger. Mercury can stay in our blood for up to 80 GENERATIONS!!!!!!!! So if you had an ancestor that wore a felt hat or took a mercury elixir, you have age old mercury surfing through your veins. The WORST Thing about mercury is the impact it has on our nervous system and our digestion. Mercury poisoning is known to cause 👉🏻Irritability 👉🏻Anxiety 👉🏻Restlessness 👉🏻Exaggerated response to stimulants 👉🏻lack of self control 👉🏻loss of memory 👉🏻inability to concentrate 👉🏻Depression 👉🏻Memory loss 👉🏻Insomnia 👉🏻Numbness and tingling of the hands and feet I could keep going but I think you get the point. Your health is important, and if you struggle right now with feeling like somethings wrong but NO ONE believes you, or the Dr’s keep saying everything is fine, TRUST YOUR GUT! Everything is NOT fine. I believe you, I’ve been there...... 

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