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Female burnout

To the ladies that are struggling trying to lose weight...... To the ladies that are trying to be everything all at once...... To the ladies that thing pushing yourself to the max, working harder and pressing on is the way to achieve your goals, I have a message for you. You’ll only last so long. Your body can only take so much..... Eventually, your body will stop responding to you. You’ll notice you don’t sleep as well anymore, you’ve gained 10 pounds and you can’t seem to lose it Maybe you have mood swings, no sex drive and maybe your hair starts to fall out.. If you’re LUCKY, you haven’t been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder yet, but you’re teetering in the edge. You’re irritable, and you have all these ideas but you can’t seem to find the drive or ambition to put them into action. On top of all that, your new found weight gain has left you feeling insecure and self conscious, and this may or may not be a new thing for you. One day, you’ll look in the mirror and evaluate your life and you won’t even know who you are anymore. This was my story. To the T, and I was a healthy (or so I thought) 27 year old Master Personal Trainer on a strict protein and veggie diet. My message for you is this. No matter how strong you think you are emotionally...... No matter how capable and independent you are...... If you are living in a state of chronic stress, your body will eventually break down. It doesn’t matter if it’s a toxic relationship, a negative work environment, a horrible living situation. If you live in a state of chronic stress, it will affect your body in ways you never imagined. -fatigue sets in no matter how many hours of sleep you get -your stress response increases so little things that shouldn’t bother you do -your ability to even HANDLE stress decreases -you gain weight easily -No matter how hard you workout, you can’t lose weight -no matter how clean you eat, you can’t lose weight -you sex drive is in the tank -your skin starts to break out -you start to have digestion issues -your cycle is erratic and has no rhyme or reason Finally, there’s loss of self. These are just SOME of the symptoms of stress and burnout. Recognize them early on and do yourself a huge favor. Honor your downtime. Take time for a bath a few times a week , wind down before bed with oils, journaling or a bedtime ritual. Do it for the future you. . . She’ll be MUCH more effective. 💋 

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