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Homeopathy for the win!

Homeopathy for the win.....again. “The body tells us that suppressing symptoms doesn’t really cure a person. Not only may they return, they often return with more vehemence; or maybe worse, they DON’T return but other more serious symptoms take their place.” Gunner is clearly battling a pretty serious case of strep bacteria. He keeps getting ear infections. It probably doesn’t help that they spray pesticides once a month at his daycare or that I was LOADED with heavy metals when I was pregnant. Regardless, ever since he left a private in home daycare and switched to a full time school, he’s always fighting something. It’s natural, it’s normal. There are snotty nosed kids and germs EVERYWHERE and If I want to work, unfortunately this is the sacrifice. So we have two options. Child gets sick, go to Dr., get an antibiotic, dose him up, child gets better. Child gets sick, analyze the symptoms, check your cabinet, eliminate sugars or foods feeding the pathogen, stock up on zinc, esterC, D3, natural anti bacterials and natural antibiotics and try to fight it naturally. I’d be lying if I told you I never think about putting him on an antibiotic. I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t want a quick fix. But here’s the deal. Every time we knock out the symptom and prevent the body from doing what it naturally needs to do, it leaves us at a higher risk for more serious problems down the road. Sadly, I KNOW what these problems are because I experienced them in my adult life and I have battled relentlessly to correct it. SOME of the symptoms that can manifest in early/young adulthood and even teenage years are 💥 Serious cases of cystic acne 💥 IBS 💥 Crohn’s disease 💥 Celiac’s disease 💥 Tonsilits 💥 Chronic Sinus Infections 💥 Chronic bronchitis 💥 Urinary Tract Infections 💥 Yeast Infections 💥 Bloating, Constipation , Gas And these are only from the Strep Bacteria. I’m not willing to sacrifice the future health of my babes just for a quick fix. It’s a battle and sometimes it’s an uphill one. Sometimes it’s scary and sad and it makes you want to revert to the old ways. Sometimes you doubt yourself, you doubt the remedy, you doubt the natural healing process. But here’s one thing you KNOW! When it finally kicks in, you KNOW you did it right. The combination of the herbal tinctures, the homeopathic remedies, the tonics and smoothies and breaking up pills to get them to drink it. Sometimes we have to be sneaky as natural healers but they’ll thank us when they’re older. At least..... they better 😉 

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