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Here's a pretty serious #truthbomb #sorrynotsorry I can't tell you how FIRED UP I'm getting! The reason I started using #beautycounter was because I had invested SO MUCH MONEY on eating #organic, #supplements to #detox from #heavymetals, cleanses, you name it. Once I realized the reality of our nation's beauty care regulations, I KNEW something had to give. Things like: #Petroleum #Fermeldahyde #Lead #MERCURY #ARSENIC!!!! I am VERY passionate about what I do and SPREADING #TRUTH and I realized this wasn't something that I WANTED to do, but something I HAD to do! If you're unaware of some of the dangers that heavy metals can cause, keep reading: -EAnxiety -#Depression -#Chronic Fatigue -#Digestive Upset -#Memory Loss -#BRAIN FOG -#DID I MENTION ANXIETY? -#Confusion -#Inflammation in NERVES -#Numbness and Tingling -#Neuropathy I could seriously go on and on and on. Here's the Real Deal..... If you suffer from ANY neurological disorder mentioned above OR ticks, tremors, #MS, Restless Leg, Spasms, etc. YOU HAVE HEAVY METAL TOXICITY (and I can see it biofeedback). If you deal with any of the symptoms above, but yet you CONTINUE to slather LEAD all over your lips (yes lead is used in lipstick to help produce the colors), You are CONTAMINATING yourself ON THE DAILY and these conditions WILL WORSEN!!!! Please. . . . just LOOk at the ingredients in your products. YOu can use the EWG app or the Think Dirty App. You're in for an awakening and I'm here to help!

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